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February 25, 2014

Recently, I was contacted by Oldspice in collaborating with their new #SmellComeToManhood campaign. I can date back to when I was 13 — secretly using my dad’s Oldspice deodorant. It was such a distinctive scent I wanted, plus I got to smell like my father which made me feel completely older and cooler than I actually was.
Well, now I guess I’m finally the cool older man I’ve always been longing to be?
With Oldspice’s new re-fresh technology, it’s finally time for us guys to stop over spraying! When sweat starts to occur, a burst of fragrance is released which means protection all day, every day. No more hassle of reapplying in the middle of the day. One simple spray in the morning lasts all day!
Applying is easy with this simple rule: hold the can 6 inches away from your body (shirtless) and spray for no longer than 2 seconds. It’s important that you wear the scent and not your clothes to wear the scent. And spraying any longer than 2 seconds can easily become overwhelming.

Photos by: Asia Minor

There’s quite a few different scents from Oldspice’s new re-fresh body line.
The Wild Collection scents include: Bearglove, Lionpride, Wolfthorn, Hawkridge, and Foxcrest.
Fresh Collection: Figi, Denali, and Zanzibar.
Red Zone Collection: After Hours, Champion, Pure Sport, and Swagger.
My personal favorite everyday scent would definitely have to be Figi. It’s clean, fresh, and has a hint of a tropical beach vibe. Which excites me for springy weather because unfortunately we’re still in dead winter here in New York! For night time, I’ve been using the Swagger scent. I’ve used it for a night out on the town with a couple of friends and still brought the swag smell with me home even in the whee hours of the morning.

Want to get the scent? Stay tuned for an Oldspice #SmellComeToManhood kit giveaway! The kit (as seen in pictures) includes: 3 sprays — Figi, Swagger, and Bearglove, headphones, dvd’s and other Oldspice goodies!

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Wearing: Crossroads vintage hat, Elizabeth & James cropped jacket, Acne white sweater, Free People overall pants, Superga navy classics.

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