June 1, 2014

Have you ever had a themed look for the summer?? A couple of friends and I were talking last night about how excited we were for summer to get here and how the city will feel somewhat alive again after that horrendous winter. Then they began to talk about what their “summer looks” were going to be. One of my friends said: “This summer I’m doing pops of neon!”. Another said she was going for a “gangsta femme” approach.
Then it made me wonder…should I have a themed summer? Personally, I’ve never had a themed summer — I’ve always just gone with the flow. But then again, how fun would that be to change up your wardrobe a little by sticking to one style all summer long?
After some thinking, I finally came to a conclusion. I obviously want to be comfortable, chic, and casual all wrapped into one while I attempt to bear this hot summer.
So SLUMBER SUMMER it is! Bring on he drapey t-shirts, silk pants, oversized button ups, and Birkenstocks. Yes, I said it, Birkenstocks!
I think this summer I just want complete comfort. It probably won’t happen everyday but let’s see how long I can keep it up! What do you guys think about my #SlumberSummer inspiration?

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