November 7, 2014

A couple weeks ago, I popped into the Ruthie Davis showroom for spring/summer 2015 previews with my fellow blogger buddy Candace. I wanted to take the time out to actually blog what I saw instead of just normally posting a pic or two on my Instagram because I am completely obsessed with this collection.
As much as I love twisiting womenswear and menswear — I would NEVER wear heels on normal day-to-day. But, it was fun to see what types of heels and faltforms will be avaliable to you ladies next spring and also I get to share these collections with my female readers.

If you’re looking for a statement shoe that will instantly give you that effortless “cool” look for next spring then you’ve come to the right place. I love Ruthie’s spring 15′ “Happy” and “Cool” flatform sneaker so much I NEED it made in a womens 12 so I can fit into it, haha! I can totally see Leandra from Manrepeller or Susie from Stylebubble rocking these bad boys next season.
They’re so funky and fun they’ll put all your basic sneakers to shame. So ladies, put your heels to rest for awhile, pull out these kcisk, and pair them with flirty dresses and skirts!

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