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July 22, 2014

I’m so excited to announce my newest collaboration with RocksBox jewelry!! For those of you who don’t know, I am an accessories boy at heart. If you ever see me I always have on some type of jewelry. I LOVE how accessories can change up any look from day to night, or from street to chic. Accessories always give that extra POP to any look which I find to be very special.
So what is RocksBox?!?
Well, let me explain. Rocksbox is basically the Netflix of jewelry for all fashionistas. For always $19/month with free shipping both ways, a personal stylist individually curates three pieces of designer jewelry to send directly to your doorstep in a ribbon-wrapped box. You can keep those same three pieces for as long as your want or swap your box for a new set of three individually selected pieces. However, if you cannot part with a piece that you absolutely love, you can buy it for a members-only discount of 20% off. RocksBox features 30+ prominent designers including CC Syke, Gorjana, Loren Hope, House of Harlow 1960, and Margaret Elizabeth — just to name a few! So switching out your box will never be boring considering each surprise that awaits inside.

Photos by: Asia Minor

(Hat: H&M, Top: Phillip Lim, Bottoms: H&M, Shoes: Birkenstocks)
(Necklace: Gorjana, Bracelet: CC Skye, CC Skye)

So whats in it for you?
Since teaming up with my new RocksBox family, I’ve created a promotion code for you to test out your new RocksBox membership. Simply head over to and sign up for a membership. BUT, before you finish, don’t forget to enter in the special code: joelmoorerocks which will give you $10 off your first month! Do you know what that means? Your first month of using RocksBox will only be for $9! What a steal!!

Again, I’m super excited to have teamed up with the RocksBox team! I think it’s a good way for people to test out jewelry, especially if they’re not always the jewelry wearing type. So why not test it out, switch out your pieces every now and then to see how you like it.

I’m obsessed with all the goodies in my first RocksBox! I’m definitely taking on the art of mixing metals! I love the two bracelets from CC Skye. Out of the two, favorite probably being the silver nail bracelet. It’s super fun with a twist of edgy. So far, it’s been that piece where the compliments come pouring in. Besides my bracelets, I love my Gorjana vista necklace. Other than this look, I’ve been wearing this necklace with a lot white just to make the gold pop! It’s such a simple piece yet adding those key pieces from your closet makes it more interesting and elegant.
I cannot wait to see what my next box looks like! Don’t forget to sign up for yours!


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