January 13, 2018

Photos by: Mimi Abintra 

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One of my best friends is a photographer for Italian Vogue so when she calls to shoot an editorial, you not only answer, you answer quick. I posted the two that Vogue Italia picked up on my Instagram awhile back, but here’s the rest of the photos from our shoot. These were shot in Greenport a year ago (just kidding, back in November) when I had the opportunity to attend a charity event for The Art Bus Project. We stayed at the cutest motel for the weekend called Silversands which looks like it’s straight up out the 1950’s. Everything from the decor to the brochures and street signs is all from it’s original state. If you ever catch yourself headed to Greenport, Long Island it’s a must stay! Hopefully I’ll get to go back sometime over the summer.

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January 4, 2018

Photos by: Mimi Kurtanidze

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If you take away the bag and traded in the sneakers for a dressy loafer, then this totally is a look my dad would wear. This Banana Republic coat has been one of my go-to’s for these super cold days we’ve been having in NYC. A couple weeks ago I posted on Instagram that it went on sale. Well, they’re all gone now! The pants are still available though! I love that they’re 100% Italian wool, but have that silky touch. Looking forward to dressing them down which just a graphic tee in the spring. I’m completely jumping ahead of myself because this frigid weather is killing me!


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December 19, 2017

Photos by: Mimi Abintra 

The last thing I do before I leave the house is spritz a little smell good on my body. One of my favorite brands right now is Commodity  – a UK based based brand that offers unisex cruelty-free fine fragrances for the body and home. You’ve probably seen or heard  of this brand at your local Sephora. Under their fragrance line hey carry 3 different styles. The Platinum Collection, Black Collection and White Collection. The Black Collection is my all time favorite right now! With it being winter, I tend to go for more dark/intense scents.

Ok, so how does the giveaway work? It’s simple! Just leave a comment below and make sure to include your IG handle. That’s it!

I will be selecting 5 winners (international included) on 12/26 to win a full size Commodity fragrance of your choice. Good luck!



December 4, 2017

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to feel 100% comfortable and relaxed when coming home. Whether you have roommates, live alone or with your parents, you really need that personal space to unwind and relax. My bedroom is my favorite room in my apartment and it’s that one place I can escape to. I’ve teamed up with Leesa to complete my sanctuary. Leesa’s mission is to help people sleep better. They design, create and sell thoughtful products that delivers straight to your home. They also are a company that gives back! With every 10 beds sold, they donate 1 to someone in need. They’ve also partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every mattress sold. With the environment we’re living in today, that’s something I definitely can get behind.

Photos by: Freddy

I’ve had my Leesa sleep mattress since August, but I decided to give it a couple months of sleeping on before giving a proper review! I love that this mattress has some type of firmness to it. It’s not overly foamy where you feel like you’re in a foam sinkhole. The Leesa mattress is designed with 3 foams. The first layer of foam being for cooling. For someone who usually overheats at night, (me) this is a plus! After that, you get 2″ of memory foam that contours your entire body. Lastly, the third layer of foam provides 6″ of durability and support during your sleep without being too firm. Thus far, I’ve really enjoyed my sleep on the Leesa mattress.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I would highly recommend this one! Sure, you’ll snooze a couple alarms in the morning from not wanting to get up, but at least you’ll get a great nights sleep!

You can shop $100 off your order with my code: MOOREHISSTYLE