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August 13, 2017

Photos by: Freddy

Shop this look: | Banana Republic denim band jacket, Banana Republic dark wash jean , Harley-Davidson boots

There’s something super 90’s about this look in an unintentional way. Banana Republic has some great statement pieces this Fall season that I’m in love with. As soon as I saw this “marching band inspired” denim jacket, I knew it would be fun to wear two different ways. The first, as a top! I got this jacket in a larger size because of the crop fit (and also because it’s women’s). I think the look went a little 90’s when I got down to the boots. They’ve just got that badass, punk rock NYC vibe. Also, I love how the hardware from the jacket and from the boots don’t match. I usually can be a little anal about mixing hardware but somehow, this works!

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August 7, 2017

Wearing: | Selected Homme suit, Quinn tank, Marie Turnor lunch bag, Eone watch |

I love a good summer stripe and a breezy summer suit, so when the two are combined you’ve won me over. I always talk about my love for dressing down a suit and pairing it with other pieces that are a little unexpected. Cue in the softest tank and sneakers I own. It’s summertime so I gotta stay cool. I mean, if you’re running around the city in your suit wearing a button up and dress loafers, then you’re doing it all wrong. Of course there are specific times and places to completely deck out your suit, but fashion week just isn’t one of them.

I’ve been carrying this Marie Turnor clutch for a month straight since I got it. Inspired by the brown paper bag, it’s literally the perfect size for all my essentials. I love how this bag feels when the leather is all worn in. I wish this was the kind of “lunch bag” I carried throughout high school.

Speaking of fashion week, I can’t believe it was almost a month ago. It’s always hectic trying to attend every show, but I make it key to show my support to the brands I love. Two of my favorites this season were Private Policy (they continue to kill it) and Heliot Emil. They both were a little out there, but always looks to try.

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July 6, 2017

Orange, dark coral, pumpkin or whatever you wanna call it, I’m into it. This rustic color reminds me of Fall and I’m 99.9% sure that why its calling my name. I’m SO over the Summer in New York, (I know it just started) that if I can find any color wave which remotely reminds me of Fall I’m game! Summer, yeah…she’s just not my season. It starts off cute with warm yet breezy days and by night it’s chilly enough to throw a light jacket over your shoulders. Then it develops into a humid mess. If you’re out and about in the city, forget about it. Like today for instance, I walked 10 blocks and I swear by the 8th block people probably thought I finished running a marathon. You get hot, sweaty and well, burnt. Anyways, I digress.

Photos by: Jessie Cheng

Shop this look: | Banana Republic Fulton chino pant, Banana Republic Dillon sneaker |

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June 6, 2017

Photos by: Jessie Cheng 

Shop this look: | Banana Republic dot print polo, Banana Republic Aiden slim check shorts |

Just when I thought my style had completely evolved, at times I find myself resorting back to old ways of dressing…but better. Throwing it back to junior high days when my everyday outfits consisted of polos paired with shorts aka very southern and very preppy. I can’t help myself! The Southernness just runs through my blood. This time around the two are paired quite differently by paying attention to detail overtime and not being afraid to mix textures and patterns. Also, the younger me most likely would have worn a dressier shoe. Wiser me, a sneaker. Much cooler.