October 10, 2014

Photos by: Michael Bell

| Hat: H&M, Set: J.crew, Shoes: Stampd LA
Literally taking sleepwear inspired to the next level! Name ONE outfit that could be better than going out to brunch with your friends other than your pajama’s? Yeah — I couldn’t think of any either. There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed, throwing on a hat and shoes, and going out for the day. Except, that’s completely different from how I got ready. A quick steam and a couple lint rolls later, this pajama set was thrown on my body as my “outfit of the day”. While I did fully intend on buying this Jcrew set strictly for sleeping purposes, I just couldn’t seem to get over how cute it would be to wear out. I’ve always have been fascinated by the pajama/sleepwear inspired trend so, why not? However I must admit, wearing your pajamas out in public is pretty dangerous though because falling asleep anywhere is fair game.

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