October 13, 2014

Photos by: Hortencia Casazola

| Sunnies: Crap Eye Wear, Top: Plastic Tokyo, Pants: Levi, Shoes: Colt Man by The Damned |

Two days ago a good friend of mine and fellow blogger, Jeanne from Grey Layers, hosted a blogger meet up downtown in SoHo at restaurant Lure Fish bar. More bloggers came out than expected so after the restaurant, we took it straight to the SoHo streets. It’s refreshing to know that as competitive as blogging can be, we could all join forces for a simple meet, greet, and exchange of information. It was cool to see the different styles each blogger showed off that day. Also, it was inspiring to hear their stories on how they started and where they are originally from. (Because lets face it, no one is truly from NYC anymore) No two bloggers were alike what so ever.
The event was sponsored by Commodity Good, Rickys, Sephora, Zero UV, Printed Village, and Gypsy Warriors. I cannot wait to show you all the little goodies they provided on my Instagram.
I hope this isn’t the last of blogger meets! I truly enjoyed meeting everyone that afternoon!

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