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May 16, 2016


 | Shop this look: 1. Pique tee, Cotton/linen pant, P55 Harrington jacket, D Stripe sneaker, Denim Weekender |

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Photos by: Jessie Cheng

The most important part about traveling is looking cute all while maintaining comfort. I’ve teamed up with Original Penguin to show you my top 5 favorite pieces for travel! Firstly, lets talk fabrics. Travel comfort to me means cottons, linens, and all things that stretch. With these drawstring cotton pants, I can check that off my list! Another thing we can all count on for travel is carrying an extra sweater or jacket. The one I’m wearing here dresses up the look just a tad but with a sporty touch. When traveling, I tend to travel in dark colors, just in case any mishaps happens, it makes it less noticeable. Who else does the same?!

I’m currently off to Paris for my first time ever! Thank God Penguin has my back — helping me land in style!

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May 9, 2016

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Photos by: Jessie Cheng

Shop this look: | Banana Republic dress shirt, Banana Republic chino pant |

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Dressing up for the day for no apparent reason. Some how, Banana Republic has made super nice dress clothes, comfortable enough to relax in, resulting in me lounging all weekend in their new spring pieces. Take these chino pants for example. You can’t ever beat a light weight cotton/linen combo for spring and summer weather. With dress shirts you can never have enough. This greenish/blueish color is going to pair so perfectly with a lightweight ivory knit for those chillier spring nights. 

*This post was sponsored by Banana Republic, however all opinions expressed are my own*

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May 2, 2016
Joel Moore for

If fashion weren’t my first go-to, I would most likely be studying interior design. In my eyes, decorating your home is no joke! It’s something that’s an ongoing process. When it comes to decorating, (knowing that it’s something I’m going to have to stare at everyday single day), my indecisiveness comes out stronger than ever. I can’t ever seem to decide which pillow, what type of lamp, what color throw, or how many shelves I want hanging..etc. Then whenever my mind is finally made up, 6 months down the line I always feel the need to spruce it up just a tad.

Well, my 6 months is up! I’ve teamed up with FAB to dress up my apartment by showing you guys some of my favorite items from their site. If you’re not familiar with FAB then you’re missing out! FAB is a online design store which focuses on bringing customers fun and unique products whether its art, tech, home decor, clothing or accessories at affordable prices! Check out some of my home spring favorites!

Joel Moore for

The first item I was looking for to spruce up my home for spring were extra throw pillows. Marble print on anything has become such a HUGE trend lately so when I saw these pillows that FAB had to offer, I immediately fell in love! They really seem to had the bold pop of texture that I was looking for!

Luckily, we get a lot of natural light in our apartment but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra for when the sun goes down. I love this one from FAB because it looks more like an art structure than a lamp AND it gives off a super bright light! Another favorite is that it doubles as a hanging lamp. When I’m done with it on the table I’ll just hang it from the ceiling. (I guess where I’m at in another 6 months)

Joel Moore for

One of my favorites under FAB is their ‘Art’ seclection. All of the artists carried under FAB have a fun, quirky, and colorful touch. I wanted something on my walls that was a): a set and b): tied in all the color with an abstract twist.

I wouldn’t be caught dead in my own apartment if there weren’t a candle in it. In my opinion, scents should change every season. Well in this case, until they burn out. I think I found my new favorite candle by Jax Kelly. It has a light and airy scent for the Spring season and once you burn it down there’s a meditation stone waiting for you at the bottom!

Joel Moore for

Coffee every morning?! Yes, please! Just when I thought we had enough coffee mugs at home, I came across sleeker ones from FAB. I love the silver harlequin pattern on these. Makes drinking coffee in the morning a little more fun.

Another thing you wouldn’t catch me dead without in my apartment? No, not the Series of Unfortunate events complete series. Fresh flowers! Brining flowers into your space always gives anyone who comes over a warm welcome. These vases from FAB seemed like a bright way to display flowers.

(Ah, see what I did there?)

Joel Moore for

Photos by: Asia Minor

Last but not least, knives! Sometimes buying an entirely new knife block set comes cheaper than sharpening the ones you already have. My boyfriend thinks that this set from FAB is slowly but surely turning me into a little chef. I never thought I would be using knives solely because they’re gorgeous but I am, and they are. They’re the perfect touch on any kitchen!

What are you go-to items for your home?

Shop my FAB favorites here: | Marble Throw Pillows, Artecnica Phrena 2 Table or Hanging Lamp, Lost Lines Canvas Art, Jax Kelly Hidden Sea Opal Candle, Cairo Cup & Saucer, Serax Belgium Edison Bulb Vase, Hampton Forge Forte 13 Piece Knife Block Set



April 28, 2016









Photos by: Jessie Cheng 

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Classics……everyday pieces in our wardrobes that we can’t live without. I’ve been living in these pieces from Feltraiger, a new favorite brand of mine. Based out of my borough, Brooklyn, Feltraiger takes the idea of recreating classic American garments with a badass updated twist. I’ve never met a chino that seemed as if it were made for my legs.