November 29, 2016


A few weeks ago, I received a few new products from the Farmacy Beauty team. I’ve worked with the company before using their gel masks and ever since, I’ve been hooked. Just wanted to share my real opinions on new products from their line: (all available at Farmacy Beauty + Sephora)

Honey Potion

This mask is a game changer. The first time using this I was completely obsessed. It’s great for all skin types and focuses on dryness, fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone/complexion. After the first use, my skin was glowing and dewey which is exactly what I needed – especially with the cold winter months approaching.

Honey Savior

The Honey Savior is great for extremely dry skin. I like to take a little of this and mix it into my lotion for that extra added moisture. I find that it’s also great for minor cuts. The other day, I put some over a paper cut and it soothed and calmed down my skin.

Honey Ginger Lip Bloom

With the honey and ginger combination, it’s hard not to lick your lips after applying this one. I’m a lip balm whore so this one fits perfectly into my routine of favorites.

Skin Dew

Last but not least, the holy grail! This is the best hydrating mist I’ve ever tried…I’m not kidding. I only use it during the day right after applying my moisturizer. Not only is it refreshing, but it leaves my skin glowing. I’m halfway through this bad boy, but I already know I’m going to need another one in two weeks.

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November 21, 2016


If you’re looking for a tracking device that’s chic, affordable and modern, then look no longer. I’ve teamed up with Amazfit to show you their newest tracker that’s honestly killing it in the fitness world. Newly launched in 2016, Amazfit is a US-based company that offers wearable technology with a mission to seamlessly connect people’s biochemical signals and daily activities with smart data services to promote healthy living. We’ve all seen those tracking devices on the market that look like obvious tracking devices… However, Amazfit offers two styles (Moonbeam + Equator) of lightweight and fashionable bracelets that effortlessly track activity without sacrificing your personal style. Gone are the days of the obvious looking tracker. I opted for the Equator- as it sports more of a minimal style.

jm_20161211_byaisaminor_07 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_18 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_26 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_28 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_29 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_30 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_31 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_38 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_43 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_47 jm_20161211_byaisaminor_51

Photos by: Asia Minor

Featuring: | Amazfit Equator tracker |

Wearing: | Jacob Holston hoodie, Members Only jacket, Jacob Holston joggers, Puma sneakers |

Being a New Yorker, I’m always on the go. If you’v ever been to NY, you’ll know..we’re the city that never sleeps! Sometimes I’m so busy, I forget that my health is the most important thing. With the Amazfit app directly on my phone, it makes it easier to track the essentials of my day-to-day life. Normal activities (steps and distance), calories burned I’ve burned, whether I’m sleeping lightly or deeply and it even has a vibrating alert for oncoming calls. With the winter coming, staying in shape and on top of my fitness game is crucial. I’m definitely not trying to gain that winter weight! You can join in on looking chic and fit too by using my code: ‘MYAMAZFIT’ online for 40% off!

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November 16, 2016
Moore His Style - Oculuste

Moore His Style - Oculuste

In my opinion, sunglasses can change your overall look. But these sunglasses have completely changed the game we call fashion. I’ve teamed up with Oculuste eyewear just in time for their Kickstarter launch -showing you their revolutionary interchangeable sunglasses. Have you ever been out shopping and stumbled upon a pair of sunglasses with a cool frame, but you weren’t so sold on the color or vice versa? With Oculuste’s fully interchangeable technology, you can curate unique combinations that allow you to literally create a whole new look as if you owned several pairs of sunglasses! These Birchwood frames are my favorite since I can’t ever seem to get enough of a reflective sunnie. The best part is, I can take this same look from day-to-night by popping out the lenses.

Learn more about the Oculuste Kickstarter campaign here & check out the fun campaign video below:

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November 14, 2016


jm_20161022_byaisaminor_76 jm_20161022_byaisaminor_97 jm_20161022_byaisaminor_96 jm_20161022_byaisaminor_93 jm_20161022_byaisaminor_66

Photos by: Asia Minor

Shop this look: | Banana Republic heritage camp baseball jacket, Banana Republic white luxe polo, Banana Republic Italian leather backpack |

…now you don’t.

I’ve never been a huge fan of camo until I received this baseball jacket from Banana. It’s that subtle statement piece I’ve been missing in my closet for quite some time. To be honest, I’m in need of everything from the BR heritage collection, (especially all of the  striped turtleneck pieces). If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! The new heritage collection is a modern collection inspired by exploration and discovery and defined by craftsmanship and luxury. Since the majority of the materials used on this piece being cotton and wool, this jacket definitely has been keeping me warm during the chilly fall months.

Speaking of luxury..THIS BAG. Although it photographs black, it’s actually a dark brown. It’s the simplicity of this backpack that initially attracted me. There’s not too much going on and with the brass finish on the hardware, it pairs well with most.